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Fast, Affordable Computer Services in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina

Fast, Reliable, On-Site Computer Service For Your Home Or Office! Call 919-552-9922, Email Or Fill Out The Form To Get A Certified Technician to Your Home or Office, Fast!

Computer users need no longer leave the comfort of their own home or business to obtain top notch service from certified technicians and trainers.  Instead, Fast-teks comes to you!

Servicing all major brands, Fast-teks provides on-site service and call-in remote diagnostics to help computer users get back on the right track.  In addition, Fast-teks offers a wide range of assistance including virus, worm and spyware removal, DSL & cable modem setup, wireless networking, data back up and recovery, web development and hosting, virtual support, consulting and much, much more!  Whatever the goal, Fast-teks offers fast, reliable, and affordable services designed to meet the needs of individuals and business groups alike.

Anti-Virus and Internet Security Solutions
Fast-teks provides software and hardware solutions to remove and combat continuous attempts by unknown internet predators.  Block poisoned web pages in real time Detect and remove Viruses, Spyware, Rootkits, Worms and Trojans

  • Protect against exploits that automatically download dangerous content to your computer without your knowledge while you are surfing the Internet
  • Stops spam without blocking the mail you want
  • Easy on you Simple set-up and automatic updates
  • Auto-scheduled scanning and updating
  • Fast-teks experts help you with support and updates
  • Fast-teks is an authorized AVG Gold Reseller

Data Backup and Recovery

When it comes to protecting valuable computer data, most of us know that we should be making regular backups because a system failure would cause unthinkable hardship.  Even with this knowledge, many customers live through each day without a backup for accounting data, databases, digital photos and other important files that are irreplaceable.  Fast-teks is focused on providing solutions that help small businesses and home users protect their data without investing a lot of time and energy.  For protection and complete recovery of data customers turn to Fast-teks experts.

Wireless Networking
Fast-teks helps customers share internet access through a single wireless router.  This saves customers the trouble and expense of running cables throughout their home or office.  Wireless networking provides mobile users with laptops and handheld devices convenient access from any point within range of the router.  All computers on a wireless network can share printers, files, graphics and multi-user applications connected anywhere in the home or office.  Most wireless routers can be purchased with encryption technology for secure communications.  This is an added level of protection to help prevent intruders from accessing the computers on a wireless network.

High Speed Cable and DSL Modem Setup
There are millions of High speed DSL and Cable internet subscribers throughout the United States.  The numbers continue to increase as provider competition drives down monthly costs.  Many small office and home office (SOHO) computer users rely on the internet for daily correspondence and business transactions.  Often a technician is required to install and resolve equipment connectivity issues.  Fast-teks provides DSL and Cable modem setup with internet access to multiple computers in one location.

Troubleshoot and Repair
Most home office users don't have time to hassle with bringing a computer to a retail repair shop.  Why make customers go through the process of unplugging all the wires, packing the PC up in the car, dropping it off for several days, going back to pick up the PC and attempting to set it all back up again.  Fast-teks makes it easy by going directly to the customer's home or office to handle their computer troubleshooting and repair needs.  Fast-teks makes it convenient for customers to get their problems solved quickly.  In extreme circumstances Fast-teks will pick up the PC, repair it in-house and deliver it back to the customer ready to plug and play.
Repair services include:

  • PC Check-Up: Clean debris and dust from case, fans, defragment hard disk drive.
  • Diagnostic: Troubleshoot system to see if there are any unseen problems.
  • Spyware/Virus Removal: Fast-teks will remove harmful programs on your PC including but not limited to, Trojan horse programs, Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Hijacker, and BHOs
  • PC Clean: Dust and clean fans and drives.
  • Data Migration (Transfer): transfer data or files from one computer to another Operating System
  • Installation: Update or installation of Windows operating systems.
  • Card Installation: Installation of an internal expansion card to your PC or notebook.

Shared Internet Office Solutions

Share a single broadband connection with your entire office.  Fast-teks offers Internet connection sharing Routers, Switches, and Access Points with advanced security features.  Let us help you jump start your business network by connecting local wired and wireless PCs, and remote or traveling users to your office network with secure access.

Server Installation and Support
Fast-teks server solutions help businesses increase data availability and organize file sharing to keep operations running smooth.  Simply put, our servers can help your business do more with less.  Business servers offer many benefits over simple networking.  With a centralized server, users and administrators can enjoy many services that were once unavailable to them before:

  • Centralized Security File and Print Sharing
  • Centralized Virus and Spyware Management
  • Data Backup

Fast-teks offers many options when it comes to your office server, including Windows Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2003, Windows 2003 Server, Exchange 2003, and more.  Call one number for server sales, installation, and service.

Website Design and Hosting
An organization's website is much more than just another communication vehicle for the internet.  Fast-teks develops custom websites that build brands, promote products and enable ecommerce solutions.  We specialize in bringing business online with innovative technologies and world class design.  Successful website design lies in its ability to combine rich content and innovative design with intelligent applications.  We use state of the art technology along with our understanding of business processes to create a dynamic website that interacts with users and reflects the image of your organization.  Fast-teks works closely with customers to develop a fully integrated web presence that bridges the gap between internet technology and specific business goals.

Computer and Network Security
No matter how large or small your network is, network security should be your number one concern.  All networks are vulnerable to hackers, blended attacks, and malicious programs without solid protection.  Fast-teks can determine which products work with your network and computer processes.  Fast-teks network security experts can review your network and set up multiple levels of security.  Our certified technicians are well versed in security issues and solutions.  They will insure that your software is fully updated with the latest security patches, install or test your firewall, and look for possible areas of backdoor access.

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