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DO NOT CLICK that Fake Anti-Virus pop-up!

Tips on how to prevent a rogue Antivirus program (scareware) from infecting your computer.

Fake anti-virus programs are actually the virus that they claim they will protect you from if you pay them.  Paying them will not fix anything.  They run through JavaScript that is found on almost all websites.  JavaScript is how button, banners, ads, animations, and some pictures are displayed. 

We recommend using Firefox web browser instead of Internet Explorer and downloading the NoScript add-on or Adblocker Plus add-on.

If you do see a pop-up or a rogue anti-virus program on your computer, hit ctrl+F4 to close the pop-up or ctrl+alt+delete to close the program.  DO NOT CLICK on the pop-up or program in any way.  Not even the “X” at the top of the window to close it.

Please read the links below to get a better understanding of this threat and additional tips on how to prevent them.


2. antivirus



See a list of fake anti-virus programs and read more at the following links:


Fake Anti-Virus Warning!

Do you have a new Anti-Virus program that you never installed or are not familiar with?

A rise in fake antivirus offerings on Web sites around the globe shows that scammers are increasingly turning to social engineering to get malware on computers rather than exploiting holes in software, a Google study to be released on Tuesday indicates.

Fake antivirus--false pop-up warnings designed to scare money out of computer users--represents 15 percent of all malware that Google detects on Web sites, according to 13-month analysis the company conducted between January 2009 and February 2010.


See a list of fake anti-virus programs and read more at the following links:


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