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News - HURRICANE Season is Here, Are You Ready?

If your business loses all or some of the data on your computers, can you recover?   What is the real value of your customer info, accounting, financial and operational data?

  The average small business has $60,000 worth of computer data and many of them have little or no protection at all.

  It does not take a dramatic natural disaster to make you lose your data.  Every day viruses, worms, hard drive crashes, software failures, and theft turn businesses upside down in an effort to recover information and resume operations.

  The average PC data loss can cost more than $2,000 when you consider technical support for recovery, lost productivity, and lost data.

Fast-teks Remote Backup is an online data backup solution designed to protect your business data from permanent loss. Utilizing standard internet connections, your data is securely and remotely backed up to redundant Fast-teks data cen­ters.  Designed from the ground up by Fast-teks Data Services engineers, Fast-teks Remote Backup offers advanced function­ality within a simple framework.  State-of-the art data encryption ensures your data is protected, and a fully integrated user interface means setting up your backup schedule is straightforward and intuitive. Our mission at Fast-teks Data Services is to provide first-class data backup solutions coupled with world-class customer support. Now you have the limited time opportunity to
try our Remote Backup Service risk free for 30 days!

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Offer short and long term computer solutions for business and residential clients at surprisingly affordable rates.

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