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Fast-teks On-Site Computer Services is filling the void in quality computer maintenance, services and training in the East Central Florida area (serving the following Counties: Orange, Seminole, Volusia and Flagler). Computer users need no longer leave the comfort of their own home or business to obtain top notch service from certified technicians and trainers. Instead, Fast-teks comes to you!

  • Troubleshooting & Repair   
  • Wireless
  •  Networks
  •  Internet Setup and Repair
  • Computers, Parts and Supplies
  • Training
  •  Free Security Assessment 
  (For Businesses)
    •  And much more...

    Data Recovery

    We are your local Data Recovery experts. From professional non-instrusive  methods to Cleanroom recovery... and everything in between.   We offer an exclusive Level 2 (non-intrusive) Data Recovery methodology not provided by any of our local competitors.  Level 2 has been proven effective over 75% of the time after others have given up.  And the cost is only a fraction of Cleanroom services.

    And if Cleanroom is your only option, our Data Recovery Lab offers one of the highest recovery rates in the Country.   We will do a free analysis of your Hard Drive and provide you with a list of recoverable files before you decide to pay for Cleanroom services.

    Virus/Spyware Removal

    Our Malware (Virus/Spyware/Popups) removal process is unparalleled in the area.  We are pleased to include in our local staff personnel with years of experience working for major Anti-virus developers.  This means that we can remove infections when other have given up.   We know how Viruses work.  Our Malware removal process is thorough and the most effective preventing infections from returning.

    Troubleshooting & Repair

    Is your computer behaving erratically?  Are you getting a Blue Screen?   Or is it just not booting?   We will have you up and running in no time.   One of our Certified technicians will fix your computer where you are.  At your home or business.  No need to take the computer to a shop and leave it there for days.  We will repair it the same day.


    We are wireless experts.  We will install a network at your home or business with no cabling. We can troubleshoot your wireless connection.  And if you own a business, and would like to offer free (or paid) WiFi access to your customers, we can install the most affordable Access Points for much less than you might think

    Internet Setup and Repair

    We will optimize your Internet Connection for Security and best Performance.   We will evaluate your connection and make sure that you are getting what your Internet Service Provider promised.  And we will also implement the best security.  Combine that with our Wireless options and we can configure your home or business for the perfect Internet experience.

    Computers, Parts and Supplies

    We can provide you with the perfect brand computer for your needs.  We distribute Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba.  If you are a computer game enthusiast, we will supply the best high-end system you can use.  If you only use a computer to browse the Internet and email, a system and inexpensive Ubuntu system might be the best for you.  We can also upgrade your computer, or provide you with the printer for your needs.  From a Web Camera, to a Network Server, Fast Teks is your One-Call computer expert.



    From an in-home tutorial on how to browse the Internet, to complete courses of Quickbooks, Excel or Word, Fast Teks can provide you with the knowledge you need

    Free Security Assessment

    Fast Teks is proud to offer a free Security Assessment for your Business.  Is your information safe?  Are you vulnerable to a Virus infection?  Is your network secure?  Is your IT infrastructure prepared to cope with a disaster?   We will 

    And much more...

    Remote backup, Surveillance Systems, Electronic Medical Records,  ...  These are just a few of the many services we provide.   A more complete listing can be found at our Corporate Website.

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